About Us

Our Story Began 40 Years Ago

​In 1976, Buckeye librarian Dorothy Huntsman recognized the need for local literacy services and formed the Buckeye Literacy Council. Dorothy decided to use the curriculum published by Laubach Literacy International because it offered a proven method of teaching literacy even if the tutor did not know the student’s native language. Dorothy remained active in the organization until 2002 when she retired. She passed away in December 2009, leaving a vibrant organization committed to furthering literacy in the Southwest Valley.

40 years later, the need is even greater than the humble beginnings of teaching a few adults how to read under the library tree in Buckeye. The population has grown. The culture mix of the population brings new groups with talents that want to become part of our community but need to speak English. As the economy evolves, workers are required to have not only technical skills but English fluency to succeed.

As a nonprofit, Southwest Valley Literacy Association (SVLA) became an affiliate member of ProLiteracy–an internationally recognized organization in 2002. Through this membership, SVLA has access to ProLiteracy materials and training programs.

Southwest Valley Literacy Association is proud of our unbroken record of service to the community for the last 40 years. Our organization continues to fulfill Dorothy’s dream of teaching adults English language skills enabling them to gain confidence, improve their job potential, and allowing them to become fully engaged in the community.