Support Literacy

Support Literacy for Your Community

Low literacy is a problem that plagues all parts of the country and Arizona is no exception. Maricopa County alone has more than 40,000 adults who lack basic adult education and English skills to be successful at work, at home and in the community.​​​ Because of the extent of low literacy in our community, we have an ongoing need and responsibility to address this problem. When adults have the opportunity to be successful at work, in their family and at home, we all win. Southwest Valley Literacy offers a substantial contribution to the challenges of poverty, education and unemployment through our literacy program.

We have a significant need in our program because the demand for tutors is greater than our supply of certified tutors. More than 50 adults in the Southwest Valley area are waiting on a tutor. Help us fill this need by learning what tutoring is all about.
Funding for our program comes from the five communities we serve in the West Valley as well as private donations from generous benefactors. Monies are used to recruit and train tutors–by far our biggest need, buy teaching materials, and support office salaries.
Even If tutoring isn’t an option for you at this time, there are multiple ways to support literacy. Southwest Valley Literacy has several ongoing support roles for you to help fulfill our mission to address adult literacy in the West Valley.