Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy Matters in Maricopa County

Of the approximately 3.8 million people living in Maricopa County, nearly 41,000 adults age 18+ do not have a high school degree or GED. In today’s workforce, it is hard to find meaningful employment without secondary education, which leads to devastating consequences for these individuals.

Adult literacy matters. Parents are the child’s first teachers and have huge influence on the child’s learning. When they become more literate, parents become role models for their children making them want to read.

Based on the latest stats of adults enrolled in adult education classes:

have reading writing and/or math proficiency skills below ninth grade
Basic daily activities can be challenging for adult students because they are not yet proficient in English. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to lack the skills to help your kids with homework, attend a parent-teacher conference, handle medical emergencies, or fill out a job application. Often they feel isolated in our culture.

have no job
Helping students achieve sufficient skills and confidence to gain employment is a success factor we track at
Southwest Valley Literacy. When students can help financially support themselves or their family it is awe-inspiring.

of females lack a high school diploma/GED
This educational gap can have a domino affect on future generations. Research confirms that the educational attainment of parents–especially the mother–is a predictor of the educational achievements of a child.

Source: AZ Department of Education-Adult Education Services 2012-2013