Become A Tutor

Tutoring Overview

Volunteer tutors come from many walks of life. While some are former teachers, a teaching background is not required. Many are retirees who now have the time and desire to “give back to their community.” Other tutors are still in the workforce. Men and women find tutoring to be a rewarding experience and cheer when their student becomes a U.S. citizen, lands a new job, or gains confidence to attend their first parent-teacher conference. These events are life changing for the student.

A great tutor has a genuine desire to help students…to listen, encourage, and celebrate their successes. The human connection is the magic that makes our program a win-win for tutors and students.

Our training staff of ProLiteracy certified trainers lead the 10-12 person workshops. At the conclusion of the course, participants receive certification to teach ESL to adults using the Laubach method.
Tutors must complete a two-day workshop to become certified. In the workshop, they will become familiar with the materials as well as participate in interactive role plays. The ability to listen, encourage and connect with your students will make you a “hero.”
Training sessions are held six times per year on Saturdays at convenient Goodyear and Avondale locations.