Other Opportunities

Other Roles Supporting Literacy

While our main mission is to effectively teach English Language skills to those who do not read, write or speak English, many other skills are needed.

As a nonprofit, we need to tell our story so we gain support for our activities. We must answer the question:​

“Does Southwest Valley Literacy tutoring have an impact on its students and the cities in which they live?”

​Behind the scenes are these very important volunteer activities that help answer that question with a YES!

If you are interested in applying your skills to any of these positions contact Jan at jan@swvalleyliteracy.org.
Database Support

Description: run queries, enter new data, and update changes. Produce monthly and quarterly reports.
Experience: Microsoft Office and Access Database
Frequency: Monthly

Communications Assistant

Description: Support website and Facebook Team. Help us celebrate tutor anniversaries, create event announcements, collect and write student success stories.
Experience: Communications and/or marketing
Frequency: Monthly

Event Planning and Fundraising

Description: Coordinate invitations for tutor meetings, event planning, and fundraising ideas.   Create event planning “ESL toolkit” to support various partner events throughout the year.
Experience: Event planning and/or communications
Frequency:  As Needed

Office Administration & Follow Up

Description: Analyze Southwest Valley statistics on literacy, schooling, population needs, etc. Summarize and assemble YTD Southwest Valley Literacy stats (students, # of tutors, student achievements by city). Organize specific information required for each grant.
Experience: Analytical Skills
Frequency:  2 x per year

Tutor Training & Mentoring Program

Description: Learn the proven Laubach method, gain Pro-Literacy Tutor Trainer Certification and become part of our training/mentoring team program.
Experience: Highly trained and experienced ESL teacher
Frequency:  6 workshops per year after certification