Meet Our New Tutors

Meet Our New Tutors

Behind every amazing student is an equally amazing tutor.  In the last year, Southwest Valley Literacy tutors provided 10,000 hours of tutoring to West Valley adults! Read about our tutors and see what motivates them to volunteer their time to help improve the lives of others. We hope to see your picture here soon.

Sept. 2018

What an energetic and enthusiastic class from our September Tutor training workshop!

Leslie Lamiell, Sharon Carlson, Mimi Blythe, Cynthia Finnegan, Teresa Funkhauser, Alexus Martens, Lorri Campelo, Dino Cervigni and Nolly Puig are ready to meet their new students. Let the fun begin!


Nov. 2018

We are giving thanks! SVLA has six new tutors who have completed their tutor training and are ready to start helping our students learn English.

Congratulations to: Marilyn Coates, Tiffany Schwartz, Leon Swerin, Andy Nazzaro, Joan Grube, and Marti Nazzaro
Tutors: Carole Korzilius, Susan Rudoy and Pat Kaer

Jan. 2019

Few but mighty!! Congratulations to our newest tutors!
Linda LaTour and Carlos Loera have completed their tutor training and join the Southwest Valley Literacy team in teaching English to non-English speaking adults.